2023 Award Ceremony


On Jan 15 2024 the Chorus gathered at Bellagio's Restaurant to celebrate the achievements of the past year.  There was a lot of fellowship, laughter and of course singing!

Congratulations to the 2023 award recipients:

  • Barbershopper of the Year (awarded to the chapter member who has contributed the most to barbershopping in the Ottawa Chapter in the calendar year) - Joseph Bushnell
  • Barbershopper of Distinction (awarded to the chapter member who over a period of a minimum 10 years has continually supported and worked for the Ottawa Chapter) - Fraser Gordon
  • Dave Forrester Award (awarded to the member who has shown exemplary musical leadership and achievement) - Tony Bove
  • Bob Knapp Mr. Congeniality Award (awarded to the member who exemplifies the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship throughout the year) - Tom Burns
  • Sound MECHANIX Trophy (awarded to the chapter quartet deemed to have been the most active throughout the year, including sing-outs, competitions and charity donations) - Quadratics (Jean Le Clerc, Nick Torrington Smith, Josh Torrington-Smith, Wayne Crosbie).
  • Above and Beyond Award (awarded to a non-singing individual who has contributed the most to the ongoing operations of the Chorus) - Brian Kerr

Additionally, the following presentations were made:

  • Flowers presented in appreciation to Stacy Hugman for her great work on Executive and in support of CCC.  
  • CCC Name Badges presented to Joanne Sherk and Jacquie Hawken for their great work in support of CCC