2018 Ontario District Chorus Champions!


What an amazing and fantastic weekend! There are so many positives for the Capital City Chorus:

  • 2018 District Chorus Champions with a score of 74.3
  • Meta Quartet - 4th place with a score of 69.8
  • FourTune Quartet - 5th place with a score of 69.5
  • Tour De Four - 9th place & Saturday Night Mic Testers with a score of 66.0

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A huge congratulations and thank you to every single person in the chorus: each member who put in the time, effort, focus, and vocal production, the section leaders who conducted so many great sectionals and led the way, Paul Boucher for the performance work, Sean Mueller for the leadership, direction and vision, Jacquie Hawken for making sure we were all outfitted appropriately, Don Cormier and Jacquie Hawken along with a lot of volunteers for making an incredible Hospitality Suite, and the executive team for all the back room work for getting us to contest. There may be more people - but really - this was an amazing Chorus Effort!!

Many thanks to the Ontario District for staging another successful convention and to Harbourtown Sound for their role as host chapter. Congratulations to all the chorus and quartets that competed and performed over the weekend. There is so much great talent and passion in Ontario. Thank you for sharing your song!