The Vintage Variety Vaudeville Revue


Our very own Capital Blend Quartet joined The Vintage Variety Vaudeville Revue and Barn Door Productions in Perth, ON as they celebrated 100 years of vaudeville entertainment. The Full Circle Theatre has the pleasure of owning the seats from Perth's Balderson Theatre and they turned 100 years old in April.

This show boasted a spectacular cast, bringing back some of the performers from the well received Christmas show in December as well as adding local talent from Barn Door Productions and Jamie Campbell.

Featured Performers:

  • Critical Miss & Retro Joad Cosplay and Cabaret
  • The Mansfield Brothers Vaudeville Troupe
  • ÁLI
  • Lady Hoops
  • Kamie Lyann
  • Rhapsody Blue
  • Capital Blend Quartet
  • Barn Door Production Players
  • Jamie Campbell