Our broad repertoire includes a wide variety of genres and styles, including classic barbershop, jazz, contemporary, gospel, swing, holiday and musicals, all arranged in wonderful 4-part A Cappella harmony.

Music is good for you

How is it that you and your friends can remember all the lyrics to a song that plays on the radio or pops up in a playlist, but we can’t remember the short list of groceries you went into the store for or what a loved one’s birthday is? You’ve probably experienced a piece of music transporting you back to a moment in your life or a place you once visited. Music can change your mood, make you want to tap your toes or even get up and dance, but it can also help you relax and drift away into a peaceful sleep. It’s hard to deny that something is going on when there is music.

Music is a social glue that enhances our sense of mental and physical well-being. Studies have shown that music can help increase learning and memory. It triggers the release of the hormone dopamine which is involved in motivation, attention, movement and addiction. When singing in a group, levels of oxytocin in the bloodstream are raised. Oxytocin is a hormone that is well-known to be associated with empathy, trust, and relationship building. Our sensitivity to pain is decreased, as are our levels of the stress hormone cortisol. We now know that music can help unlock memories in people with dementia, for example Alzheimer's disease, and it can be used in the treatment of certain developmental disorders such as autism. Music can be used in rehabilitation therapies to improve mood and motor performance in people who have suffered a stroke, had a brain injury, or even diseases like Parkinson’s disease.*

More than 10% of men have sung in a group at some point in their lives. For many it began in a school choir, summer camp, community choir or around a campfire, and millions carry their love of singing into adulthood. The broad appeal of choral singing is the enrichment it brings by helping build our artistic skills, develop our emotional intelligence and enjoy community connection, all of which results in wonderful shared harmony.

In the Capital City Chorus you will experience the joy of singing together, the thrill of ringing chords, and you will forge friendships that can change the course of your life.

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* From Your brain on music, a TEDxPerth talk by Neuroscientist and musician Alan Harvey.