Learn to Sing

Do you find yourself singing in the shower or on your commute to work?
Did you sing in a school choir, university chorus or community choir? If not, do you ever wish you had?
Don’t consider yourself a singer? Neither did some of our members until they tried it!
Can’t read music? Neither could some of our members when they joined.

The Capital City Chorus' members have a broad range of musical experience and backgrounds - from first-time singers to life-long musicians. The one thing we all have in common is the love of singing and the joy of ringing chords!

In addition to the sheet music, the Chorus provides high quality, digital learning tracks that are separated into the 4 parts (Tenor, Lead, Baritone and Bass) to facilitate easy learning of the songs. As well, we have an excellent Music Team and experienced members ready to teach and support all members of the chorus. So don't be shy, come out and give it a try! You may just find an exciting and fun thing to turn Mondays into your favourite day of the week!

If you are already a singer or musician, we’d love to have you join your voice with ours. By joining our chorus, you'll continue to improve your singing skills, vocal production, ear training and showmanship. And if you're interested in teaching or coaching, you will have opportunities to share your music experience and knowledge.

The Capital City Chorus is a Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, and as a member you'll have access to the multitude of resources and opportunities they provide to singers of all skill levels for continued learning and improvement of your musical and singing skills and abilities.

Visit Us for more information about our rehearsals and or joining our chorus.