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On May 4 the Capital City Chorus hosted our 9th Annual Youth Quartet Competition. It was an exceptional night of entertainment and fun for us. Congratulations to all the competitors who took part and thanks to their families and music educators for their support.

We had 5 quartets from 3 different schools all performing some really great music. The schools represented were Canterbury HS, St. Francis-Xavier HS, and St. Beatrice Desloges HS.

We were very pleased to be invited to take part in the 2015 Maxville MusicFest on May 3. What a great audience! Thanks to our hosts Paddy and Jim for the setup and to the ladies' group who prepared delicious treats. Thanks also to the staff at the Kilted Canuck where a number of us enjoyed an Afterglow on the patio.

On February 13 & 14, ten quartets set out to homes, offices, restaurants, and other random locations across the National Capital Region - from Orleans to Kanata to Aylmer, Hull, and Chelsea, to Downtown and the Market and many places between. Over 50 Valentines serenades along with roses, chocolates, and personalized messages were delivered to unsuspecting sweethearts eliciting smiles, laughter, and tears of joy. We even found our way on to the CTV Morning News!

The Quartets included (Tenor, Lead, Baritone, Bass):

Harmony UniversityFor a number of years, many of our members have made a pilgrimage to Harmony University (yes, there is such a thing!) to take part in a wide range of courses such as Conducting Techniques, Vocal Techniques, Composing and Arranging, Music Theory, Physics of Sound, and even How to be a good Bass! Some of our Quartets have attended the Quartet College stream to receive coaching as a group.