Paul Boucher

Performance Coach

Paul started his barbeshop journey in 1990 with the newly formed Nepean Chapter as a tenor and immediately started quartetting in a group called 'Intercostal Revival' later renamed CPU (chord processing unit). With his experience as a ballroom dancer he quickly became involved with the choreography team and became assistant director within 4 years. In 1995 the Nepean and Ottawa chorus merged and the journey continued. Although most the last 26 years was spent as a tenor, he sang and competed with Ottawa for 2 years each as a bass and as lead and sang with a variety of quartets including the famous entertaining quartet 'Polaris' and the 2011 Ontario District Champions 'Sound Evolution'. Newly retired, much of his extra time is now dedicated to tearing songs apart in order to draw out their story(ies) and help every individual chorus member live the song.

Ultimate goal: every song is a story, every singer is a storyteller, every audience is touched by every song.