Music Director Search

Our Director search is on!

We have launched the official search for our new Musical Director! We are looking for someone with an in-depth knowledge of the barbershop-style music, good musical knowledge, experience in choral direction, and a strong willingness to learn and collaborate. Candidates with strong directorial experience outside of the Barbershop style may be considered as well.

The application deadline is February 28, 2018.

Please submit your letter of interest and Resume by email to [email protected].
NOTE (Jan 31): we were experiencing technical issues with the director search email address. These should now be resolved. If you have previously submitted an application but haven't received a confirmation, please submit again or call 613-723-7464 to confirm.

A formal interview process including an audition rehearsal will be held following the review of applications and the selection of candidates.

Role and Responsibilities of the Musical Director of the Capital City Chorus

The Director of Capital City Chorus provides the musical and artistic vision and plays an integral role in collaboration, leadership, inspiration and enthusiasm for the chorus. The successful candidate possesses the technical abilities necessary to ensure the continuance and growth of the Chorus’ musical program. The Director is the musical leader of the chapter and the chorus and is ultimately responsible to the Board of Directors, specifically the Vice President of Music and Performance and the chorus President, for all music, artistic and performance activities.

The Successful Candidate will:

  • Commit to being Capital City Chorus’ Director, dedicated to the activities that ensure success of the chapter's’ music and performance program;
  • Direct all rehearsals and scheduled performances;
  • Lead and champion the musical and performance-related growth and development of the chapter, in alignment with overall chapter goals and objectives;
  • Be a teacher and educator to the chapter;
  • Ensure that the chorus is prepared and motivated to perform at its highest possible level;
  • Provide constructive music and performance-related feedback to the chorus;
  • Be ultimately responsible for all artistic and performance aspects of the repertoire;
  • Work with the music team, select appropriate repertoire, and recommend the use of external coaches;
  • Engage a plan using external coaches to complement and/or augment their own skills as a director as well as refining the vocal, visual and emotional plans for the performance of the chorus’ repertoire;
  • Develop and oversee a musical leadership program to encourage succession of the music team;
  • Oversee production activities for performances and/or shows to ensure the quality of the product and consistency with musical goals;
  • Encourage chapter volunteers and teamwork; and
  • Have exceptional communication and collaboration skills as required to work with any volunteer organization.

It is important to note that this position requires a considerable time commitment. This will include leading weekly rehearsals (and required preparatory time); leading and/or participating in scheduled coaching sessions; educational events; and planning and directing performances. The director will need to set aside time required for preparing and participating annually in the Ontario District Barbershop Harmony Society conventions and any Barbershop Harmony Society conventions.

This is a paid position with music education opportunities.

Any questions about the position can be directed to the above email address. Thank you for your interest in the Capital City Chorus.

The Capital City Chorus is looking for you!